Croquet - The Oaks Club - A Distinguished Emerald Club with Golf, Tennis, and Fitness - Sarasota

An ideal way to spend a sunny afternoon

The genteel sport of croquet is also played at The Oaks Club on our superbly manicured court—no sticky wickets here. This friendly diversion is open to players on many levels, from beginners to serious competitors. Our croquet team boasts more than 90 players, and there’s plenty of fun for everyone. For beginners, “Golf croquet” is a highly popular diversion; three different groups meet three times a week to have a go at it. Our more seasoned players try their hand at “six-wicket croquet,” which they fondly refer to as “chess on grass” for its cerebral strategy. Whether you’re a beginner or a master, it’s the ideal way to spend a sunny afternoon in the presence of nature and your friends. The Oaks Club’s regulation croquet court boasts an elegant landscaping of lush hedges and rose beds. If a more civilized, relaxing game exists, we haven’t heard of it.