Dress Code

The following Dress Codes apply to the Club’s Dining Outlets unless otherwise noted for special events:

In-Season (November 1 – April 31)*
The Grille: Casual
The Tavern: Country Club Casual
The Glen Room: Tuesdays – Thursdays, Country Club Casual in addition to no denim permitted Fridays and Saturdays, Jackets Required
All other areas of the Clubhouse: Country Club Casual

Out-of-Season (May 1 – October 31)*
Same as above with the exception of:
The Glen Room: Country Club Casual in addition to no denim permitted

The following definitions shall apply:

Casual: “Neat denim,” appropriate athletic/sportswear with sleeves, and only Bermuda type shorts are permitted.

o “Neat denim” is defined as designer-type jeans that are free of holes or frayed hems and are deemed suitable in a private club atmosphere.

Country Club Casual: Collared shirts are required. Designer collarless shirts are also acceptable. “Neat denim” and only Bermuda type shorts are permitted.
Jackets Required: Jackets are required for gentlemen ages 12 and older. Denim and shorts are not permitted. Corresponding appropriate attire for ladies is expected.

*The dress standards of The Oaks Club may be changed or waived by management from time to time for special reasons, activities, and/or Club Events. Also note that first time dress code violations will be dealt with after the fact to avoid any uncomfortable situations unless deemed totally inappropriate by management.

Other important guidelines include:
• Men are not permitted to wear hats inside the Clubhouse except for established religious practices or medical reasons.
• Appropriate footwear is required at all times.

Members are responsible for ensuring their guests are appropriately attired.